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Character Design Comparison by JoshR691
Character Design Comparison
So...I decided to Compare All of my Characters Original Designs to their New Ones...Some haven't been Redesigned, And that's Obviously why I have the the Sign there

Sprites & Characters © Josh Rehal
The Biggest Decision of our Young Lives by JoshR691
The Biggest Decision of our Young Lives
The Important Moments in Life...They Stick with us Forever...

I made this for Pokemon's 20th Anniversary, which is still a few month away, but I couldn't wait...

So, I know not everyone went with Charmander their first time, but I did, and Charizard remains my Favorite Pokemon of all time (Followed Closely by Raichu)...Shoutouts to everyone who started their Pokemon Journey alongside me, as well as those who started later on!

And, just on a Side-Note...How weird was it that in the Originals, Charmander was on the Left, rather than in the Middle?

Pokemon, Charmander & Professor Oak & Text © GameFreak, The Pokemon Company & Nintendo
Sprite © Josh Rehal
Combo Time 6.0
Combo Time 6.0: This Again!

Ok, so I've Really been trying to make this Combo much more Dynamic...I think I got it this Time! Every Hit is Completely different from the others...Sure, only 2 of the 4 Hits really moves him Forward, but You don't want the Basic Combo to send you too far ahead of where you started...right?

And if you want to see all FIVE Previous Versions...Well, here ya go:

Oh, I almost forgot! I completely redid the Entire Body, with the exception of his Head and Sword (Although, I did change the Motion Blurs for the Sword a bit...) always:
Sprites & Animation © Josh Rehal
I HAD to do something for this game...I'm too Hyped not to! We've got a few days left until Splatoon comes out, and the wait is killing me!

So, I hope you all like how I killed some time waiting for this game!

I was going to add Spyke and Sheldon, but I kind of didn't feel like Spriting anymore...Especially because I'm lazy and just realized that if I made them, then I had to make Callie and Marie, and Sprinkle in some Octarians for good Measure

Edit: In Case you Guys wanted to see each Single Sprite:…

Splatoon © Nintendo
Sprites © Josh Rehal
We Are The Crystal Gems (Again)
...We'll always save the day! (Again!)

...Also, yes, I'm submitting this Again as its own thing to fully show each characters Pose...The Preview image is the same as the one I originally posted

Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl and Steven © Rebecca Sugar
Sprites © Josh Rehal


Josh R.
United States
Project: Pokédex

...Well, ok..."New" is a bit of a Stretch...It's essentially the same Project as my old one, but It won't be animated, and will only be One Base Pose from Each Pokémon (It will be the base Pose because who knows, it might rekindle the "Original" Project, and I love to reuse assets)...Some of the more Recent Pokémon from the original Project will be included (So don't expect ANOTHER new Charizard, outside of it's AWESOME MEGAS)

"But Josh, if you're going to make all of the Pokémon anyway, why don't you just animate it?" As Much as I loved making the full sheets...Let's be honest, I was never going to be able to finish all of the Pokémon...One Single Base Pose is a much more reasonable goal...I retired the original Pokémon Project (Pokémon: Endless Adventure, if you want to make me sound like I was actually making a game) because I realized that with every so many sheets, they would just release a bunch of new Pokémon, so I could never keep up!

So you may be asking me Why am I doing this Project in the First Place? Two words: Mega Swampert. I Freaking LOVE IT'S DESIGN! I want to make one...More than just in the Game...And I've been feeling a little Rusty lately, so this is also a pretty good way to sharpen my dulled skills, and maybe even improve a little

...I do find it kind of ironic that the Generation that originally killed my interest in Pokémon sort of just rekindled it...MEGA SWAMPERT IS JUST THAT AWESOME!

So, how will this "Project: Pokédex" Work? Well, like 'Pokémon: Endless Adventure' it will be a sort of Stylized "Chart" That will have their Number, Name, Types, What versions they first appeared in (Denoted by a colored Pokéball), and if that Pokémon can Mega Evolve (Denoted by the Little DNA-looking Strip that appears on the Mega Ring's Stone). Since I'm making each Box Bigger to fit some of the Bigger Pokemon, I've also split them up by Generation (Otherwise it would be way too big), and I'm even making a separate Chart for Alternate Forms, which includes Megas!

I also want to note that I don't know how often I'll update each Generation's Chart...I will probably upload each individual "Box" so you can view the newest Pokémon, long before I update the Charts, And the Charts will just be the Collection of them...
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